Jonge Geesten

Sustainable Excellence for Generations (SEG) is a method to measure value for multiple generations and improve accountability to unborn generations. This method improves decision making by measuring sustainable excellence in a more integrated, multi generations, way.

We, the current generations, shape the value available for the future generations.

Sustainable Excellence for Generations (SEG) combines Future Design (Saijo, 2020) and Value Management (EN 12973, 2020). Both methods use participation in processes, to stimulate dialog and creativity in multidisciplinary teams.

Future Design (Saijo, 2020) transforms policymaking by adding the perspective of future genarations. Professor Tatsuyoshi Saijo of the Kochi University of Technology promotes this simple idea:

“Ask people to become an imaginary future generation, think, act in the interests of that generation.” (Saijo, 2020)

Value Management is style of management, particularly dedicated to motivating people, developing skills and promoting synergies and innovation, with the aim of maximising the overall performance of an organization. (EN 12973, 2020) Value Management is used to stimulate innovations to optimise the relationship between performance of functions and resources for clients and producers.

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